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What are you making?

This area is designed to give you a starting point for the more popular home based projects or renovations. The lists are not extensive but offer a starting point to help you plan your project. Should you wish to talk any of these through in more detail please don?t hesitate to contact us.

General words of Advice:
Whatever your project please note, that if you are using the old product to pattern from it may have changed shape over the years, so that may cause problems when it comes to fitting the new version.

There are many ways of attaching or securing covers please choose the method that works best for yourself, or utilises the existing fittings to make your life easier.

Sail cover
Acrylic Canvas Uncoated
Dodger letters (if customising with name)
Venture Tape for the seams

Depending on fastening method under the boom:
Webbing (25mm) and side release buckles
Or Sew on Hooks and Eyes
Or Open ended Zip
Or Grommets and lacing cord or shock cord

Acrylic Canvas PU Coated
Window Material either 20thou or 30thou
Centrefold Binding

Depending on Fastening method or existing fittings:
Sprayhood luff tape
Sliding bar buckles
Snap Fasteners, Tenax or Lift the Dot

If you are rebuilding the Frame, then you will need a combination of Clamps and Endplugs.

We try to update this page regularly and still to come are ideas for headlining replacement, upholstery and general covers.