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All styles uniformly coated with proprietary Elite formula, thought by many leading sailmakers to be the most durable spinnaker coating.
Proportionate styles: perfect for step-up construction.
Elite 33 is extremely strong and durable: it is the perfect VMG fabric for classes like Farr 40s.  It is light and stable, so is perfect for runners in the low end of the sail's application range. Weight: .78oz, 33g/m2
Elite 36 is slightly heavier and stronger, with higher tear strength than Elite 33, with the same fibres.  It is excellent for light weight all purpose spinnakers and for One Designs.  Weight: .88oz, 38g/m2
Elite 40 is an exact scaled up version of Elite 33.  It is perfect for runners, with the strength to handle higher winds and for VMGs. Weight: .92oz, 40g/m2
Elite 43 is a proportionate version of Elite 33 and 40.  It meets class rules and is the ideal choice for J24, Melges 24.  Weight: .98oz, 43g/m2
Elite 46 is engineered to withstand loads on larger yachts in heavier air applications, with 30% more yarn than Elite 43 for higher strength applications. Weight: 1.1oz, 46g/m2
Elite 54 uses new highest performance 70 dernier warp with high tensile 45 denier fill. Weight: 1.3oz, 54g/m2

Fluorescent colours fade faster than other colours.  These colour swatches are approximate - fluorescent colours maybe much brighter and more vibrant than can be shown on your screen.  Please refer to sample card for exact shade.

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