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Fabric Guide

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Intended Use Possible Materials
Boat Canopies & Covers (Breathable) Acrylic Canvas PU Coated, Polycotton Canvas
Boat Covers as Open Canopies (Non-Breathable) Acrylic Canvas PVC Coated, Top Gun, PVC
Boat Tonneau Covers (Non-Breathable) Top Gun, Acrylic Canvas PVC Coated, Top Notch 9, PVC
Lightweight Covers (Non-Breathable) Odyssey, Lightweight PVC, Top Notch 9
Sail Cover (Stack Packs, Boom Covers) Acrylic Canvas Uncoated
Sprayhoods Acrylic Canvas PU Coated or PVC Coated
Seating Acrylic Canvas Uncoated, Sunbrella Furniture Fabrics, Nautolex Vinyls, Ecosuede, Ultraleather
Cockpit Seating Acrylic Canvas, Nautolex Vinyls
Cockpit Dodgers Acrylic Canvas Uncoated, PVC
Garden Awning Acrylic Canvas PU Coated, Acrylic Canvas Uncoated, Odyssey, Top FR, Top Gun, Top Gun FR
Fire Retardant Awnings Top Gun FR, FR PVC, Top FR
Headlining Nautolex Vinyls
Bags and Straps Astro Nylon, Nylon, Polyester Laminate
Internal Design Sunbrella Furniture Fabrics, Firex, Nautolex Vinyls, Ecosuede, Airmat, Coolmax, Buco
Traditional Tents, Covers & Tarpaulins Canvas, All Seasons, Cotton Canvas, Polycotton